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Backpacking the Globe as a ‘Twenty Something’

If you have ever looked into information on backpacking, you tend to find all sorts of things. This was something that I myself encountered when I began researching for a backpacking trip last summer.

Thinking that I was so ahead of the game and that I would be set when I got there I stepped onto the plane to Paris as a confident 18 year-old. Little did I know that the second I stepped off that plane that everything I thought I knew would be debunked.

It’s not like everything that I researched was terribly incorrect, it was just that the things I realized I wanted and needed to know as a youngin’ in a foreign country was not what I was reading. I began to realize that so much of the information out there today is geared towards and older crowd that are looking for a completely different experience.

I took the sensible shoes, I took to grimey clothes, and I didn’t factor drinking into my budget.. And, as I walked down the streets of Milan, Italy on my last night in Europe in my pit stained t-shirt and my “sensible shoes” I couldn’t help wanting to crawl into a hole and hide as the beautiful Italian men in their designer suits and the women in the stilettos strolled god-like past me.

Thus, the seed was planted. And here I am, one year later, finally kicking my butt into motion and creating a place for other like me to find exactly the information that is relevant to them.